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Posted by Mary G. Finlay | Nov 30, 2012 | 0 Comments

Every adult should be planning for their future by creating a will or trust that they can pass on to future generations. Whether you are newly married and want to include your spouse in your estate plans, or are a grandparent of seven grandchildren and want to apportion your assets to them all equally, it is best to have assistance when creating documents that could affect your future. Oftentimes estate planning can get complicated or become confusing and frustrating. There are often a lot of nuances to estate planning that can be overlooked unless you have a professional on your side. That's why an Orange County estate planning attorney can be an invaluable benefit to you as you work to create wills and trusts that will help your family out in a time of need.

Attorney Mary Finlay of the Finlay Law Group, APC wants to help you to get the assistance you need to create solid and fool-proof documents for your future. She is also available to help those who are the recipients of a decedent's fortune and now have to undergo the probate process. Attorney Finlay and his team can help if you are dealing with a trust or will dispute among family members or if you want to see how taxes will affect your fortune. There are often practice ways to avoid certain taxes, whether you are drafting a will or executing someone else's. As well, if your loved one needs to create a will but he or she is incapacitated, an attorney from the Finlay Law Group can help in this situation.

Attorney Finlay has over 12 years of experience in handling estate planning matters and is a highly educated attorney. She has been using his experience to prepare estates for the future and guide heirs through the inheritance process for years. Attorney Finlay used to work as a litigator for a prestigious law firm, but she later chose to learn more about taxation and estate planning. She graduated from law school with Summa Cum Laude honors, and then went on to receive her LLM (Master of Laws) in taxation. With so much knowledge to share, you can be sure that Attorney Finlay is there to help you and do the best she can to give you informed advice about estate planning.

Some people assume that they can create a will on their own or develop a trust without an attorney's aid. Often, this proves to be a grave mistake. Those who try the DIY route often end up forcing their heirs to pay more in taxes, or create wills that are confusing and vague. These wills may lead to disputes among family after their death, and may tear the family apart rather than bring them closer together. Attorney Finlay has been serving the residents of Orange County and Riverside California since she was licensed to practice law. She not only understands the legal side of estate planning, but the personal and emotional aspects of this practice.

When you have worked your entire life to achieve a legacy you can pass on to your descendants, it is very important that you ensure that all the documents are in order. No family member wants to run the risk of leaving his or her fortune to an uncertain future, or tamper with the possibility of making a will that tears their beloved family apart. Attorney Finlay will provide the insight that you need at a reasonable rate. She is dedicated to treating cases meticulously and focusing on you as an individual. You don't have to be just another case number at Mary Finlay's office. You will be treated as a valued client and can contact her as often as you want to talk about your case.

Many attorneys will help you to file paperwork and will let you know about your responsibilities if you are executor or trustee. Yet not many attorneys will give personal attention and care to their clients. Attorney Finlay knows that if you are the executor or trustee of a will, you have just undergone a traumatizing experience. Someone who loved you very much has passed away. Attorney Finlay is empathetic to that fact and wants to help you by coming alongside you and giving you the legal guidance that you need.

As well, Mary Finlay wants to help you by answering your phone calls and e-mails promptly. She is aware that many attorneys have a bad reputation, and she wants to stand apart from the rest. She is honored to be an attorney and help every day to prove that advocating for others in court can be a noble profession. Attorney Finlay is also very aware of the importance of family. She is a mother of four, so she is empathetic to your desire to do the best for your family. Attorney Finlay loves to put people at ease and help them to go through their estate planning documents in a timely and organized fashion. She can help you to save significant amounts of money on your finances and discuss options for estate planning. She wants to make sure that she helps you to see the best course of action in your situation.

Mrs. Finlay is dedicated to choosing the route that is best for her clients, even if it means a lengthy court battle or a smaller amount of pay for her. She wants you to feel comfortable and to trust her to make choices that are in your best interests. Mrs. Finlay writes that she will constantly evaluate her client's cases in order to determine the most cost-effective and appropriate course of action that is possible. If you want to get to know this law group better, you can “like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to get more valuable information about estate planning litigation.

The firm is also on Google+ , you can learn more about them by adding them to your circles. You can also look Mary Finlay up Avvo to learn more about her bio and see what clients are saying about her. If you think that Mary Finlay is the right firm for you, then you should call them at (888) 503-6409 for more information. As well, you can visit the firm at 4685 MacArthur Ct #421 Newport Beach, CA 92660. Get started today to get the helpful hand that you need to successfully plan for the future of your estate.

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