Last Will and Testament

Plan for the future, establish a will!

Although not as important as previously with the evolution and wide-spread use of trusts wills are still a vital part of an estate plan. If you have minor children, you appoint guardians in your will. In addition you name an executor who will be in charge of your personal obligations such as the filing of your final tax return. In addition, if some asset is left out of the trust inadvertently, a pour-over will can ensure that property is poured into your trust on your death and distributed pursuant to the terms of your trust. As such, wills are still important to a complete estate plan. Looking for an attorney for a will in Orange County? At Finlay Law Group, APC, I am able to help you prepare a will that will effectively carry out your wishes in probate court.

Orange County Will Lawyer

While there are many resources that can be found on the internet to prepare a will, it is vitally important that you have skilled legal assistance on your side in order to ensure that the will represents your wishes. I understand that this may be a morbid and pessimistic topic; however it can be one of the most caring gestures that you take for your family and close friends. Without preparing a will your assets could be distributed in a manner that was not intended by you. Need an attorney for a will in Orange County? It is important that you seek the skilled legal assistance of an Orange County estate planning lawyer in order to ensure that you prepare a will that will reflect your intentions.

How Finlay Law Group, APC is Different

Need a lawyer for a will in Orange County? There are many law firms that can provide a boiler plate estate plan. I offer personalized service that ensures that your plan is tailored to your unique situation. One of the ways I do this is by offering a free case evaluation where you can get to know me and evaluate me for yourself. If you are not comfortable with me, then there is no obligation to hire me. In addition, because I have low overhead, I can offer this personalized service at a reasonable price. This differentiates me from other estate planning providers. Contact my firm today by calling (888) 896-9350 or fill out the online case evaluation form to get your case reviewed for free!