Incapacity Planning Lawyer in Orange County

Powers of Attorney

As we age, it's natural to consider what we leave behind but it's important to also consider what would occur if you were physically unable to make various decisions for yourself. In such cases, you may greatly benefit from appointing an agent under a power of attorney. This will allow your agent to act on your behalf with respect to asset management and health care decisions.

You may benefit from the assistance of a health care directive. An Advanced Health Care Directive allows you to appoint a health care agent with specific instructions to that agent as to your wishes with respect to treatment and/or cessation of treatment in the event that you are unable to speak for yourself. The appointed individual may be someone that you trust such as a family member and they will have legal authority to make your health care decisions on your behalf. In addition, the Health Care Directive can include instructions regarding donation of organs and burial instructions, so that your wishes are carried out.

You may also want to consider appointing an agent for asset management. This will allow a legal representative to execute legal documents as to the sale or transfer of your estate while you are still alive. For example, this attorney may sign real estate documents for the sale of your home, pay your obligations, as well as liquidation of other assets in order to keep your affairs in order while you are incapacitated. This power of attorney may be very general, allowing the lawyer to perform virtually any legal act on your behalf, or it may be very specific in what the attorney can do.

I Can Help With Your Incapacity Planning

Looking for an attorney for incapacity planning in Orange County? It is important for you to make your wishes known to your loved ones in a health care directive to minimize the risk of family fighting over whether you would want your life sustained under certain circumstances. A health care directive will help minimize these disputes. Similarly, if you are just temporarily incapacitated, a power of attorney for asset management is vital so that your bills can be paid and affairs kept in order for when you regain capacity. These estate planning tools can minimize emotional conflicts and monetary issues. Need a lawyer for an incapacity planning case in Orange County? As an Orange County estate planning lawyer, I am well qualified to assist you in drafting these documents and advising you regarding the best options for you and your family. Contact my Orange County office today to get started or fill out a free case evaluation! Searching for an attorney for incapacity planning in Orange County? Call Finlay Law Group, APC now at (888) 896-9350.