Federal and State Estate Taxation Liability

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When preparing an estate plan, it is important to consider potential income and estate tax consequences. Fortunately, most people will not have to pay estate tax because the current amount that can be passed estate tax-free in 2013 is 5 million dollars. Most of us will not have that much money to pass to loved ones when we die. However, for those that are fortunate enough to exceed the 5 million dollar limit, there are ways to minimize estate taxes by utilizing tools such as gifting programs, and irrevocable life insurance trusts. Do you need a lawyer for tax planning Orange County? At Finlay Law Group, APC, we can advise you regarding ways to minimize and even eliminate any estate tax burdens.

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Although not necessarily subject to estate tax burdens, most of us have to consider income tax planning. Should a trust be named as a beneficiary of a retirement account? Generally, there can be negative tax consequences associated with doing so. At Finlay Law Group, APC, we can help you evaluate your tax situation and advise you accordingly. You have worked hard for your money and most likely would prefer to pass those assets to loved ones rather than to the government. An Orange County estate planning attorney from my firm can help you legitimately and legally minimize the amount of tax your beneficiaries will pay.

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Searching for a lawyer for tax planning in Orange County? I am an attorney, Mary Finlay, of Finlay Law Group, APC and I pride myself on quality, informed legal representation at a reasonable price. You can be sure that if you choose to employ me, I will work diligently to craft an estate plan to fit your needs and alleviate any anxiety you may be feeling about the process. Looking for an attorney for tax planning in Orange County?

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