Orange County Probate Administration Lawyer

Who is the appointed administrator of your estate?

Probate is the process by which the court determines where property shall be distributed whether pursuant to the terms of a will, or according to the laws of intestacy there is no will. When someone dies with a will or intestate, generally, with property worth more than $150,000.00 their estate must go through the probate process. It is initiated when someone (usually a close relative or an executor named in the will) petitions the court to be appointed administrator of the estate. Once the person is appointed, he or she has the duty to collect assets, pay bills, sell property if necessary, ensure that tax returns are filed and ultimately distribute property to the beneficiaries. Probate administration is just a general term that describes this process.

Are you searching for a lawyer for a probate administration case in Orange County? As an experienced Orange County probate attorney I can assist you with probate administration by filing a petition for probate, giving proper notice to all interested parties, helping to gather assets, negotiating with creditors and ultimately accounting for your actions with the court and receiving permission from the court to distribute the assets and close the estate. Probate can be an expensive and trying process. However, sometimes there are no other options but to probate the estate. I can make the process less difficult by assisting you every step of the way.

Providing Legal Assistance in Probate Administration

Looking for an attorney for probate administration in Orange County? At Finlay Law Group, APC, I am intent on providing skillful and excellent service to all of my clients. As detailed above, if a probate is necessary, I can assist you with all aspects of the probate process. In addition, I am familiar with other summary processes in probate court that can be less time consuming and less expensive. Some such techniques include spousal property petitions and affidavits for transfer of property in small estates. With my experience, I can quickly assess your situation and come up with the process that is appropriate for your situation. In addition, I understand that you are likely going through a difficult time and I am sensitive to your fragile state.

Looking for a probate lawyer in Orange County? You can rest assured that your case is in good hands if you choose to employ my skilled legal services. It is important for you to know that I approach each case as a completely new case, separate from any case I have handled in the past. Each case has its unique elements, and while I will use my experience to my advantage, I will be sure to comprehensively address each issue. As an Orange County probate administration attorney, I can provide you with answers, advice, and legal assistance regarding administration of your loved one's estate if you choose to work with me.

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