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  • Finlay Law Group, APC Offers Free Initial Case Evaluations

    Are you wondering what will happen to your estate after you pass? How will your assets be passed on to your loved ones? Who will carry out your will in compliance with your wishes? These are all valid questions that deserve an answer. I, Mary Finlay, believe that preparing for the future is the best gift that you can give to your family, by preparing a comprehensive estate plan, you and your ...
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  • Learn More about the Finlay Law Group!

    Every adult should be planning for their future by creating a will or trust that they can pass on to future generations. Whether you are newly married and want to include your spouse in your estate plans, or are a grandparent of seven grandchildren and want to apportion your assets to them all equally, it is best to have assistance when creating documents that could affect your future. Oftentimes ...
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