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Resolving Trust Disputes

If you are the trustee of a trust, many times beneficiaries can have unreasonable expectations about the timing of their distributions as well as other issues. On the other hand, if you are a beneficiary, sometimes the trustees are not properly informed (or don't care about) their duties to you as a beneficiary. You have a right to information regarding the trust assets, trust expenses, and timing of distributions and many times trustees are unwilling to give you this information. Other times, trust language is unclear so court intervention is necessary to attempt to ascertain the intention of the creator of the trust. All of these situations lead to conflict commonly called trust litigation.

Need a trust litigation lawyer in Orange County? As an Orange County estate planning attorney, tax professional, and litigator, I can confidently represent you in these types of dispute. You can be sure that your case is important to me and I can put my experience to work for you in your case.

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Looking for a lawyer for a trust litigation case in Orange County? It is important for you to have skilled legal assistance in any dispute regarding trusts or wills. I approach each case with the care and attention that it deserves. In addition, I understand that most trust and will disputes usually involve beneficiaries who may have once been close at one time such as brothers and sisters. While understanding that this is an emotionally charged situation, I strive to give you unbiased advice that is geared to get you the best result at the least cost in terms of finances and emotions. I care about your emotional and financial well-being and that is what sets me apart from other lawyers.

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